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How To Revamp Your Social Media For Love

Social media is the new dance club. It's the new bar and the new coffee shop, especially during the Covid-19 outbreak. People are no longer using social media to only connect with family and friends, but use it as a place to socialize and meet potential mates. As a result, if you are looking for your next boo we have to intentional about what we post.

Many of us post images, memes, tweets and statuses without necessarily thinking about how it may be viewed by others; more specifically how potential mates might judge us based on what we choose to share.

What we post (or don't post) can and will attract some people and repel others. So it only makes sense, just like we present our best selves on interviews, to present our best selves online as well.

Download the checklist below which will help you revamp your social media for love.

3 Ways to Revamp PDF Checklist
Download PDF • 1.88MB

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